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Sex On The Beach: Riker & The Beachcombers Live In New York

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Riker & The Beachcombers made the most of their slot opening for O.A.R. the other night (11/22) at the Capitol Theater in New York.

Fronted by former R5 member Riker Lynch, the band’s catchy blend of trop-pop, reggae and sunny harmonies evoked a surfside beach party and it was the perfect antidote for a cold and rainy November evening.

A known actor (“Glee”), Lynch recently proved on “Dancing With The Stars” that he’s got moves to match his good looks. He’s a born frontman and he powers the L.A. outfit with a perfect blend of charisma and charm.

“Sex On The Beach” came across like a well-known West Coast party classic while the percussive “She Just Wants To Be Famous” brought to mind a smooth boat ride on an even smoother harbor.

A blast.