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Stereo Embers TRACK OF THE DAY – “Captain” by Brooklyn band OxenFree

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While first coming to our attention via an advance download, sporting a sound throughout their debut album that defines the words ‘bold,’ ‘sparkling,’ and ‘refreshing’ as spoken in an indie context, we have to admit that the video for the first single off OxenFree’s debut album Beacons took those same adjectives in a wholly unexpected direction. Then again, interspecies love has seldom seemed quite so, umm, wholesome, and given that the song in question is itself one long hook, we perhaps shouldn’t be surprised that our lovestruck protagonist has, shall we say, landed the ultimate catch. As it turns out, all frivolity aside, Beacons heralds the arrival of a fresh, invigorating new voice and is, track for track, a very nice haul indeed.