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Rickie Lee Jones Live In Connecticut

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I caught Rickie Lee Jones’ set the other night in Connecticut and she was fabulous.

Playing to a captivated crowd at the Fairfield Theatre Company, the legendary musician was in fine voice.

Drawing from her five-decade long discography, she played old classics as well as numbers from 2015’s The Other Side Of Desire.

Her set was elegant and rich and her voice remains one of the most singular and memorable voices in rock and roll history.  “Chuck E’s In Love” was streetwise and cool; “Lap Dog” was terrific and “Flying Cowboys” was played with grace and beauty. Backed by percussionist Mike Dillon and multi-instrumentalist Matt Hubbard, Jones’ rhythm section gave each number a textured and breezy feel.

The fact is that the Chicago-born musician is one of the greatest of all time and whether she was playing wrenching ballads or acoustic shuffles, every moment was stirring and unforgettable.

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