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Rashida Jones Flips And Rewinds In This Video Homage To The ’90s

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Rashida Jones misses the ’90s.

So much so, that the “Angie Tribeca” star has decided to tip her hat to her favorite decade by way of a new single and video.

“Flip And Rewind” is Jones’ homage to the era and the song’s smooth R&B and soul brings to mind everyone from TLC to En Vogue.

Because Jones is a comic actress, at first glance it seems like this is an exercise in irony–and the blooper-flavored clips interspersed in the video sure seem to reinforce that idea. However, Jones is also the daughter of Quincy Jones, so it’s no surprise that she’s got the chops to pilot her way through this number with an impressive amount of vocal expertise.

The song is a family collaboration–Boss Selection is the nom de plume of her nephew Sunny Levine’s musical project.

Levine is the son of Stewart Levine, who produced records for Simply Red and B.B. King.