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The (Not Very) Deep State Playlist: Author Bruce Bauman’s Best Of 2017

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Author Bruce Bauman (Broken Sleep) has sent SEM his Best of 2017 list, but this one comes with a twist.

All of his choices are fictional.

Or are they?

We live in an age where the truth is scarier than fiction and Bruce’s list is a response to the chaotic news cycle of 2017. It’s caustic, satirical and eerily prophetic…


Bruce Bauman’s 2017 (Not Very) Deep State Playlist

Album – The Oranging of America by The Trumpz


“Tweetstorm Trooper”

“Sean Ain’t Spicy Enuf”

“Out Like Flynn”

“Schumer is a Tumor, Pelosi is Grossy”

“Taxes are for Chumps, (not for Trumpz)”

“Comey Over Hair”

“Got a Tiny Rocket in My Pocket”

“UnPrecenential Me”

“(I’m No) Whinestein Loserboy”

“HUGEgenics, I Love You So”

“Bannon is a ‘Lose’ Cannon”

Secret tracks:

“Call Me Furor, Maybe”/ “Neo Not See”

Best New Arrangement of an Old Song:Because I Am a Rich Man”

Best Bootleg Album

Vlad the Inhaler and The RasPutins — Pee Stain from a Pea Brain

Best Country and Western Song

Kayla Moore –“Got Me a Jew Lawyer”

Best Cover Songs

Roy More — “Thank Heaven for Little Girls”

Mike Pence – “Lola”/”Walk on the Wild Side”

 Best New Artists 

The Trumpettes (Ivanka, Hope Hicks, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Kellyanne Conway)

A side — “Daddy’s Cuming” /B side — “I’m Complicit (if you know what I mean ‘cause I don’t)”

Best Duet

Ryan & McConnell – “I Don’t ObamaCare About You”

Best YouTube Video

“Robert Mueller’s Soon To Be Day Off”