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Liam Gallagher And John Squire To Make Official Announcement Dec 21

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Liam Gallagher and John Squire have announced they will make an…announcement on December 21.

The former Oasis frontman and former Stone Roses guitarist are likely going to reveal the release date of their new album and/or its first single.

In recent weeks, Gallagher confirmed the longtime friends have recorded together and on Dec 18, Gallagher posted the link to in his Instagram bio. The initial landing page features Gallagher and Squire prominently at the top along with the option to sign up for a mailing list.

And that’s about it. It’s as spare as a website can be in 2023.

However, that spartan digital entry is starting to populate a bit from other areas. Squire and Gallagher put up a joint posting on social media that featured a photo of the two in silhouette along with the caption: 21.12.23.

Adding to the mystery is Gallagher posting a career-spanning clip of Squire not only with the ‘Roses, but also of footage from when he joined Oasis on stage years ago. Combined with the video is an audio voiceover of Gallagher singing Squire’s praises: “John Squire without a doubt is the best guitarist of his generation and in the world in my opinion.”

Meanwhile, Squire posted a montage of Gallagher playing live, along with this accompanying Squire-narrated voiceover: “Liam Gallagher is one of the all time great rock and roll voices. I put him in the same class as Dylan, Jagger and Rotten.”

Stay tuned….