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Katiejane Garside (Daisy Chainsaw, QueenAdreena, Ruby Throat) Returns As Liar, Flower

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The one-and-only Katiejane Garside (Daisy Chainsaw, QueenAdreena, Ruby Throat) returns, along with her musical and life partner Chris Whittingham, as Liar, Flower, a new and captivating sonic entity.

Breaking out in the UK in the ‘90s as the wildly eccentric frontperson of noise rock act Daisy Chainsaw (Who can forget the razor’s-edge romp of “Love Your Money”?), and continuing with raw and vital alternative rock band QueenAdreena (along with a myriad of solo endeavors), Garside then chanced upon Whittingham busking at a train station.

The alt-folk noir duo Ruby Throat blossomed from their serendipitous meeting, and now Liar, Flower unfurls from this union.

Garside and Whittingham, as Liar, Flower, are releasing their new album, Geiger Counter, on May 1st via One Little Indian. The venturesome LP travels through dynamic and raw rock numbers, dreamy and delicate ruminations, Gothic swamp blues, and disconcerting psych(e)-outs.

The totally DIY, creative pair spend much of their time on the water, sailing to various destinations in the their small boat, raising a family and crafting spellbinding music, the purchase of which helps keep them afloat.

Official News from Liar, Flower mail-out:

 “dear friends

we are sending love and hope everyone is ok in these luminously uncertain times

it seems that liar, flower ‘geiger counter’ will step out into the world

she asked that of us so that is what we shall do

i found her one day in a notebook, she spoke of a new chapter and the dropping away of tenure

she likes to make noise

this record was conceived and collected through a year of submersive meditation, trance and improvisation, insisted by my bird bones insisting, i went down deep into the soil, set alight corrupt files and malware, something needed routing out taking me ever deeper

there is a prescience to this record that we are not entirely sure what to do with

the words are too big, they vanquish, swallow up, this is why

i use so many words to say ‘i will not speak’

so here is an offering of music as we skate the frozen lake of unknowing…the sun and the wild wind

alien fingers typing alien phone

i love you bright heart, i love you


we are as you know in the most literal sense a small cottage industry and were hoping to release our liar, flower ‘geiger counter’ record in early march this year…before we lost access to our beloved printers…thankfully One Little Indian have kindly offered to help us with this release and have been generous enough to give us all proceeds from the initial limited edition run…this income covers us for the next year up to the release of the next record…we survive and are able to do what we do solely by the support of our supporters, we live hand to mouth making music, year by year…

so today, monday 20th April 2020 we release:

liar, flower ‘geiger counter’ limited edition double vinyl (500 copies) on presale, including an immediate (as in today) digital download (flac/mp4) on purchase, two extra songs on the d side, two signed 12”/12” framable prints, limited edition cd in glassine envelope, pressed flower in glassine and a 12”/12” comic artwork book, all held in a clear vinyl sleeve (delivery approximately 4-6 weeks) available here: One Little Indian

and in the light of wanting as many people to hear the record as possible a direct digital only download is also available right now from One Little Indian’s website: One Little Indian

for those facing financial uncertainty we’ve arranged to release the complete record on the 1st may 2020 on all the usual streaming services so…if you’re unable to support us by buying the album we’d love you to show your support by streaming this record…

we’re very thankful to One Little Indian for stepping up at the last minute to help us make this album available in as many ways as possible

 so with that all said i do suggest we go to the music, we go to the sky ever with love”

Purchase Geiger Counter (limited edition or digital download):

 Find out more about Liar, Flower: