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Happy Birthday, Craig Finn: The Hold Steady, Live In Chicago

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I’ve always thought you shouldn’t work on your birthday, but I’m glad as hell that Craig Finn doesn’t feel the same way.

The Hold Steady frontman celebrated his 48th year on the planet at Chicago’s Thalia Hall by playing a blazing set with his band to support their new album Thrashing Through The Passion and it was a remarkable night.

Storming through well-worn numbers like “Chips Ahoy!” and “Stuck Between Stations” it became clear to me that these Hold Steady classics have transcended the confines of their own songbook and have become American standards.

Elsewhere, “Sequestered In Memphis” and “Your Little Hoodrat Friend” were filled with angst and sizzle, while new tracks like “Entitlement Crew” and “Denver Haircut” came across as instant classics.

Finn was in fine form, his band was on fire and it seemed to be a very happy birthday, indeed.

The Hold Steady Set List:

  1. Constructive Summer
  2. Hot Soft Light
  3. You Did Good Kid
  4. I Hope This Whole Thing Didn’t Frighten You
  5. Hurricane J
  6. Party Pit
  7. Banging Camp
  8. Denver Haircut
  9. Sequestered in Memphis
  10. You Can Make Him Like You
  11. Blackout Sam
  12. Cattle and the Creeping Things
  13. Yeah Sapphire
  14. Chips Ahoy!
  15. Entitlement Crew
  16. The Weekenders
  17. Stuck Between Stations
  18. Your Little Hoodrat Friend
  19. Massive Nights
  20. Slapped Actress
  21. Fresh Pope (Pkew Pkew Pkew cover)
  22. T-Shirt Tux
  23. Most People Are DJs
  24. Killer Parties