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The Most Gruesome Onstage Groin Injury Now Belongs To Otto Schimmelpenninck

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Otto Schimmelpenninck  may not be a household name, but he’s certainly being chatted about this week.

The bassist for Delain–a metal band from Holland–has revealed that a recent onstage incident in Birmingham ruptured his left testicle.

A streamer cannon fired by a fan hit Schimmelpenninck in the groin and impossibly, he never left the stage and insisted on finishing the performance.

Schimmelpenninck provided the details on the band’s Facebook page: “In my enthusiasm I did not pay attention, and happened to be VERY close when the streamer fired. It hit me from the back, in my genitals. Although pain was pretty bad right away, I was merely pissed off at myself for not paying attention…during the next song, pain got worse though, and I had the feeling I was bleeding. Pretty soon pain got to the point where I could barely stay conscious anymore, but for some reason I did manage to finish the show.”

It gets worse.

Schimmelpenninck was taken to the hospital, where he says his “scrotum was the size of a grapefruit.”

“More than 500ml of blood was removed from my scrotum,” he reports, “and my testicle stitched up. I stayed in hospital for the rest of day and night, and was discharged on Friday afternoon.”

Schimmelpenninck is planning to rejoin Delain’s European tour to support their latest studio album The Human Contradiction.