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Exclusive Video Premiere: The 01 Experience’s “Let It Go”

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Stereo Embers is excited to premiere the video for the new single by The 01 Experience, “Let It Go.”

The follow-up to the Bay Area metal band’s winning 2017 effort The Code,“Let It Go” is a surging number that’s powered by singer Melissa Mari’s commanding delivery. With a voice that’s filled with strength and compassion, Mari inhabits the song with a dreamy blend of soulful authenticity and open-hearted vulnerability.

A surging and passionate track, in many ways “Let It Go” is a blazingly earnest and ethereal update of the power ballad. Buttressed by crisp and tight instrumentation that crunches and sizzles behind her like the rumbling of the deepest waves, Mari’s deep in the pocket on this one, leading the charge with purpose and heart.

Mari, who in the past sang for the beloved outfit Death On Fire, is joined in the 01 Experience by guitarist Colin Davis (Vile), drummer Mike Heller (Fear Factory) and bassist Stephen Paul Goodwin (Vicious Rumors). With a sound that mixes metal with dreamgaze and cinematic supernatural aural soundscapes, The 01 Experience are truly one of the most exciting bands around.

The clip for the song is elemental and atmospheric, moving from the surf to the mountains. Interspersed with footage of a crumbling and turbulent modern world, it perfectly augments “Let It Go’s” message of hope, healing and repair.

“Recording and making the video was a deep alchemical process in itself,” Mari tells SEM. “We noticed how everything in our outer culture that has been happening was reflecting this process of letting go.”

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