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Exclusive Album Premiere: The Pull Of Autumn’s Beautiful Broken World

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The Pull Of Autumn’s new album Beautiful Broken World is a novelistic song cycle that burns in the beginning, soars in the middle and cascades perfectly in the end.

The art-pop collective’s fourth album is a striking step forward and it features The Perfect Disaster’s Philip Parfitt, Stuart Moxham of  Young Marble Giants, Luke Skyscraper James of FASHION and John Neff, who not only has contributed to multiple David Lynch films, he’s also a member of David Lynch’s Blubob.

The fifteen-track album also features Doug Wimbish of Living Color and Mark Stewart of The Pop Group.

Produced by the band’s braintrust—Rhode Island artist Daniel Darrow of Johanna’s House of Glamour—Beautiful Broken World is a moving landscape of swirling melodic wonder and textured musical nuance. “Live Today” is a mesmerizing and harmonic offering, while “Outlaw Empire,” which features Stewart, is alive with jittery grooves and pure post-punk sting.

“For this new Pull of Autumn album,” Darrow says, “I wanted to place greater emphasis on the production of the music as to develop a signature sound that is heard throughout the entire recording. Also lyrically, the tunes speak to the changing and sometimes chaotic times we’ve all been through. I’ve grown more confident in the process of using purely acoustic elements with electronic sound design to create a new interesting sound.”

He goes on to add: “Once again, it was a lot of fun having musicians from many different backgrounds come together to create a group of songs that ultimately make the entire  album come together as one united voice. It’s been a lot of fun working with artists from all over the world and experiencing their completely different methods of creating art, even if it reaches a few ears. I find much joy in that!”.

Beautiful Broken World TRACK LIST

01. Beautiful Broken World (with Daniel Darrow)

02. She Writes The Words (with Leigh Gregory)

03. Come Winter (with Stuart Moxham)

04. Moonbeams (with Family Band)

05. Lost Guitar (with Luke “Skyscraper” James)

06. John Clare (with Philip Parffitt)

07. Outlaw Empire (with Mark Stewart, Doug Wimbish & Adrian Stewart)

08. Little Hands (with Bruce Macleod)

09. Never Swayed (with Julius Manning)

10. Moukie (with Mina Norouzi)

11. Images of Light (with Matthew Darrow)

12. Funhouse (with Luke “Skyscraper” James)

13. You Will Live Again (with Julius Manning)

14. Live Today (with Once Grace Forever)

15. In Silence (with Ricky Humphrey)

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