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Eric Burdon Live At The City Winery

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I got the chance to catch the legendary Eric Burdon play the City Winery in New York the other night and he was terrific.

The British singer may be in his mid-seventies, but he still has a voice that’s filled with soul and nerve.

Playing to a packed house, Burdon, donning dark shades, tore through numbers like “Hit Me,” “Mama Told Me,” and “CC Rider” with bluesy authority. Considered by many to be one of the greatest singers alive, Burdon’s delivery hasn’t lost any of its muscle. “House Of The Rising Sun” was nothing short of mystical; “Spill The Wine” was a straight-up clinic on funk and “We Gotta Get Outta This Place” crackled with authority.

Backed by young guns who comprise the new version of Burdon’s Animals, the band’s brand of electric blues and R&B made for a energizing night of rock and roll bliss.

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