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Dumptruck’s Kirk Swan To Play In The Dream Syndicate For Upcoming Dates

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Kirk Swan will be playing guitar for the Dream Syndicate on several upcoming dates.

The newly reformed band’s regular guitarist Jason Victor will be out for the next few weeks due to familial obligations, so Swan will be stepping in for him on dates in Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Nashville, and, according to the Dream Syndicate’s Steve Wynn, “possibly a few more.”

Wynn, who revealed the news on social media, assured fans that all is well with Victor and his family.

“…all good, no worries and more details soon,” he wrote.

He added: “Kirk and I have played together for years in my solo bands—he actually subbed for Jason in the Miracle 3 a few years back. Always nice to make music with old friends. Come on out and say hi.”

Swan is perhaps best known for being a founding member of Boston’s Dumptruck.

The Dream Syndicate are touring behind their fabulous new record How Did I Find Myself Here?