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Diamonds In Their Pockets: The Spin Doctors Live In Brooklyn

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The Spin Doctors finished a New York run that included a series of shows at the Brooklyn Bowl and they sounded as potent as ever.

Singer Chris Barron’s voice rolled through the club with soulful command, while guitarist Eric Schenkman played blistering leads that gave each number its own dose of dynamic power.

Meanwhile, drummer Aaron Comess and bassist Mark White held it all down with groovy authority as Barron stayed perfectly planted in the pocket and soared perfectly through tracks like “Freeway Of The Plains” and “Shinbone Alley.”

Meanwhile, “Cleopatra’s Cat” had an infectious and sneaky rhythm, “If The River Was Whiskey” was fabulous and “Two Princes” was a joyful reminder that some songs remain evergreen.

Revitalized, rejuvenated and exuberant, the Spin Doctors have never sounded better. With a rumored album in the works, it’s hard not to imagine that their second act is just beginning.