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Bombshell Radio To Run 24-Hour Marathon Of Alex Green’s “The Heart Goes Boom”

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Photo Credit: Geoff Tischman

To mark his latest 24 episode run, Bombshell Radio will be broadcasting 24 straight hours of Alex Green’s “The Heart Goes Boom.”

Beginning at 12am Eastern Time (4/14), the popular radio station will run shows #25-#49 in a row.

Since its debut on Bombshell Radio a year go, THGB has become a program that’s known for debuting new music from all over the world. The show was the first to play the new singles by New Zealand’s Galveston, the U.K.’s Small Rooms and new work from L.A.-based singer/songwriter Brennan Hester (The Sextants).

“It’s gratifying that these bands reach out to our show before anyone else,” Alex says. “Not only does it make me think we’re doing something right here, it gives me the illusion that I’ve still got a chance to be John Peel.”

Visit or just punch in Bombshell Radio on your phone app and you’re all set.