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Bad Brains’ H.R. Set For Brain Surgery

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H.R. the charismatic frontman of the legendary D.C. hardcore outfit Bad Brains, has revealed he’s scheduled to have brain surgery.

Back in 2016, H.R. was diagnosed with SUNCT (Short-lasting unilateral neuralgiform headache with conjunctival injection and tearing), a rare neurobiological disorder that has caused the singer to have severe debilitating headaches which leave him unable to work or perform.

Frustratingly, the headaches come with no warning.

Set for surgery February 21, H.R. hopes the procedure will alleviate the constant pain he’s in.

H.R., who was born Paul Hudson, has reportedly been tackling the difficult task of pain management with both pharmaceuticals and cocktails of wheatgrass, goldenseal and Vitamin A, D and C.

On his GoFundMe page, which was set up last year to help Hudson pay for his mounting medical bills, his wife Lori wrote: “There is no known cure and no reliable medical treatment. To give you an idea of what he’s dealing with, cluster headaches are nicknamed ‘Suicide Syndrome.’ The headaches come randomly, with no warning, at all hours of the day and night; but for him, they are much worse at night. The intensity of the nighttime headaches is so great that he yells, cries out, groans, and sobs — repeatedly, every few minutes, for most of the night. He can’t work. He has no quality of life. If you call him and ask how he is, he will say, ‘Everything’s okay,’ because that’s just how he is. But everything is not okay.”

She goes on to write: “I am a full-time caregiver. I work a full-time retail management job with varying shifts. I manage HR’s calendar and business as best as I can. I’ve been trying really hard to work on extra projects to bring in some extra money (very slow going). I take care of the apartment, the car, the bills, HR’s doctor appointments, everything. I do all of the things. And now I can’t sleep because my husband is crying out in pain all night. On top of the physical stress of shift work and not getting enough sleep, the emotional and psychological stress of watching him be in pain and not being able to do a damn thing about it is wearing me down. He needs me to be around more and he needs me to be at my best. I can’t do this alone anymore. We need your help.

“Thank you for anything you can do to help HR regain his health–and his life.”

Formed in 1977 in Washington D.C. Bad Brains are considered by many to be the Godfathers of hardcore. However, their music also contains elements of reggae, jazz and psychedelia.