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Angela McCluskey Of Wild Colonial Dead At 64

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Singer Angela McCluskey has died.

The Glasgow-born musician was 64.

Details are few, but its been reported that McCluskey recently fell into a coma that she never woke from after undergoing emergency surgery for an arterial tear.

McCluskey was one of the purest singers on the planet, and her undulating delivery rippled with fluid genius. She sang for the Wild Colonials, who put out two critically-acclaimed albums, Fruit of Life (1994) and This Can’t Be Life (1996).

Over the course of her winning career McCluskey worked with everyone from Joe Henry to Dr. John to The The. From The Things We Do to You Could Start A Fight In An Empty House, her series of solo albums form a flawless discography.

McCluskey’s work was used in commercials campaigns for American Express, who used her song “Beautiful Things” and Schick Quattro, who used “I’m Not The Girl.”

She also recorded with Robbie Robertson, Deep Forrest, Paul Oakenfold and Kendrick Lamar.

McCluskey’s Instagram account announced her death on Thursday evening: “We are devastated to tell you that our beloved Angela McCluskey has left us to be with her fellow angels. Never did anyone live life more fully, love more generously, sing more… well, just… more. Angela sang just as she breathed. Her life was a song, and she was music. She will be missed more than any of us can say, but our love for her and her love for her beloved Paul, her siblings Gerard, Alan and Muriel, and all her family and friends will live forever. Please light a candle for our darling.”