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Mudcrutch Live At The Capitol Theatre, New York

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Mudcrutch were nothing short of brilliant the other night.

Touring behind their new album Mudcrutch 2, the band played to an enthusiastic sold-out house at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester.

Comprised of Tom Petty (lead & backing vocals), bass guitar, Mike Campbell (lead guitar), Tom Leadon (rhythm guitar, backing & lead vocals), Benmont Tench (keyboards, backing & lead vocals) and Randall Marsh on drums, the band played traditional numbers (“Shady Grove”), Byrds and Dylan covers (“Lovers Of The Bayou,” “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”) and an assortment of fabulous originals (“Beautiful World,” “Orphans Of The Storm”).

An effortless and swampy blend of rootsy rockers, bluesy shuffles and breezy rock and roll, Mudcrutch are one of the great long lost (and now found) American bands and this was a show I’ll  never forget.

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