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The New Deftones Album: Ten Things To Know

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Sacramento’s Deftones are set to release their new album this fall, so we thought we’d tell you a little bit about it:

1. This will be the first new Deftones album since 2012’s Koi No Yokan and it will be the 8th in their discography.

2. The album is still untitled–some rumored names have been leaked in the last few months, but all appear to have been false.

3. It’s been suggested that the new effort is a reworking of 2008’s unreleased Eros album, but that’s also false. Eros remains shelved, however, the band has insisted that it will be released one day.

4. A large portion of the record was written while singer Chino Moreno was touring with his other band Crosses.

5. Moreno has said the new album is a cerebral and moody effort and though it will be a textured affair, punctuated by some keyboards and loops, it will still contain the band’s trademark muscle and crunch.

6. Moreno told the NME this week that Morrissey was a huge inspiration. “I’ve been on this crazy Morrissey kick recently – totally obsessing over his solo records – so I brought a lot of that to the table,” he told the magazine. “On those early solo records, he uses this awesome, Elvis-y delay on his vocal that I’ve been ripping off a ton. He’s always been a favourite lyricist of mine – the beautiful poetic melancholy of it all.”

7. The band will play a high-profile headlining show at the SSE Arena Wembley in London on November 21.

8. The sessions for the new album yielded a total of 16 songs, but it appears only 12 will make the cut.

9. The Deftones’ discography has found three of their albums going Platinum and one going Gold.

10. The album will be out September 25 on Warner Bros. Records.