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Walter Lure Remembered

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Walter Lure has passed at 71 after a short battle with cancer.

Where’s Waldo? He’s taking care of us from the other side.

Walter Lure was one of New York’s originals. He pretty much anchored the Heartbreakers.

Never properly recorded, always close to doom, the Heartbreakers were a real band. A band of brothers, mocking the idea that they were playing for you.

Without Walter there’d be no Heartbreakers. And there’d be no Johnny Thunders.

At least not how we remember him today. That’s a fact.

Today we remember Walter. And without a doubt, today of all days, there’s somebody that is going to hear his music for the first time.

And they will fall in love.

Or maybe it’s someone who already knows Walter’s music that will fall in love all over again.

Will it be you?

Rest easy, Walter.