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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: The Mommyheads’ “Suburban Office Park”

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The sly indie pop of The Mommyheads has matured over the years into something unorthodox, musically inventive and utterly wonderful.

Let’s back up. They were always wonderful. But now they’re positively glorious, their music stretching across boundaries with unreasonable sonic expertise.

Taken from their marvelous new album Coney Island Kid, “Suburban Office Park” finds frontman Adam Elk as commanding as ever, while his rhythm section lays down what is perhaps the funkiest groove of the year. Taking note of suburban sprawl, the isolation of office buildings and the potential end of the world, the single comes across like an indie rock version of King Crimson meets Ween.

On a recent creative hot streak, this number further cements the fact that the Mommyheads are one of the most endearing and fascinating bands on the planet.

The emotional center of “Suburban Office Park” comes when Elk observes: “It’s the last lonely days.”

Whether this is good news or bad news is difficult to say, but either way, it tugs skillfully at the heart.

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