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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: The Allegations’ “Love (Is A) Howling Moon”

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Our Track of the Day today comes from the New York outfit The Allegations.

A duo comprised of Frank and That Guy, the band play a charmingly ramshackle blend of indie rock and low-fi synth stomp. A new song that follows up the work of their last album Non-Neutered 1%, “Love (Is A) Howling Moon” is a delicious confluence of twisted soul and sprawling, ethereal blues that sounds like Tom Waits or The Flaming Lips piped through a very expensive turntable that’s on fire at the bottom of a ravine.

Endearing, bent and tons of fun, The Allegations are one of our favorite up and coming bands.

As for the track, Frank says: “Upon hearing my (Frank’s) song, That Guy said: This sounds like fucked up gospel. When mapping out the video, he thereby decided I needed to wear a suit (proper church attire and all). And bucolic images sprung to both our heads, so off to Riverside Park we went to shoot a video, annoying joggers, scaring kids, as we went through our full repertoire of facial tics. Love is sexual, love is mercurial, love is bewildering, love is obsessive/horrifying and for too many, love is self-annihilating. I could not think of a better metaphor to capture this than that of a howling moon.”