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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Starveya’s “Let You In”

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Los Angeles-located indie psychedelic rock group Starveya recently released a dreamily reflective Americana single, “Let You In,” that’s steeped in ‘70s-era instrumentation and contemplative longing.

Aaron Martinez (lead vocals, guitar), Desi Martinez (guitar, backing vocals), and Kenny Lockwood (drums) bring amorphous emotions and sounds into relaxed shape on “Let You In,” reveling in a twilight vibe of burgeoning shadows and ephemeral feelings.

 On this specific song they’re joined by Mathew Meseberg on bass, Paul Reagor on synths, and Juan Lopez on organ.

“Let You In” features the usual guitar, bass, and drums set-up, but also adds wistful woodwinds, wavering synths, and subdued organ notes on the Laurel Canyon-esque single.

 The band members divulge some details about the meaning of the song, stating, “[It’s] sort of an anti love song, it is loosely about love and relationships. Not so much about a love lost as it is about a love that never was. Or never was what you thought it to be or dreamt it to be.”

 Starveya are in the studio crafting their upcoming album, Abandon All Muses, which will see release at some point in 2021.

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