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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Bruno Merz’s “Whisper Turn”

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Bruno Merz is a new softspoken singer-songwriter who has already released two lp’s.

His new one is coming in early 2018 but last week (Oct 4) he released the album’s first single “Whisper Turn.” His acoustic folk is in the vein of Bob Dylan with a little of Simon & Garfunkel silkiness, and he’s good!

“Whisper Turn” is a soft, melodic song written with the most minimal approach–an acoustic guitar, his vocals and just a few distant drums and effects towards the end. Born in New Zealand to Dutch parents, in his twenties Merz put a guitar on his back, moved to France and later in Amsterdam as a lone traveller and today he lives in England where in the island’s mist, he plans his imminent move to Canada. Merz is a traveller, and that course is imprinted in his lyrics.

He’s a very interesting acoustic songwriter who manages to write soft songs with descriptive lyrics in a mature way, despite his youth.

He says “Whisper Turn” is, “a wake up call to humans and an injection of hope and strength to those who are waking up to what really matters in life”.

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