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Spoon Live At The Capitol Theatre, New York

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Sharing the bill with Brooklyn’s Grizzly Bear, Spoon took the stage at the Capitol Theatre Tuesday night (6/19) and they never gave it back.

Playing a funky blend of melodic indie rock, angular post-punk, and catchy rock and roll, the beloved Texas outfit played numbers scattered across their nine-album discography, including tracks from their latest album Hot Thoughts (2017).

From his leather jacket down to his boots, frontman Britt Daniel was the picture of cool–he was as grizzled as he was well-appointed and he charged through Spoon’s set with breathless energy. Drummer Jim Eno and bassist Rob Pope held it all down while Daniel prowled up down the stage with the kind of wattage that brought to mind everyone from Jagger to The Cure’s Robert Smith.

“Camera” was a slippery blend of swagger and funk; “Underdog” sizzled away with resolve and “Knock Knock” tore the cover off the ball.