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Soul Asylum Live In New York

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Soul Asylum played a blistering set the other night at the Capitol Theatre and I was on hand to witness it.

Led by the wildly charismatic frontman Dave Pirner, the legendary Minneapolis act tore through their set with unrelenting energy and verve.

Comprised of Pirner, drummer Michael Bland, bassist Winston Roye and guitarist Ryan Smith, Soul Asylum’s new lineup has all the power and post-punk velocity of the old days. Drummer Bland, who played for years with Prince, fills each number with muscle and swing, while Pirner whirls across the stage in blurry bursts of classic rock and roll momentum.

The band’s last studio record was Change Of Fortune (2016), but they pulled generously from their extensive songbook. “Supersonic” was sheer perfection; “Runaway Train” was nothing short of stunning and “Spinnin'” was a total blast.

Here are some of my favorite shots of the night.