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Somewherecold Records Owner Releases New Music As The Corrupting Sea

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Jason Lamoreaux, the owner of label Somewherecold Records, has been promoting absorbing and transporting ambient, shoegaze, dreampop, and experimental music for some time now.

He’s been an enthusiastic champion of outfits that include Tombstones In Their Eyes, Outward, Sky is Alright, Jeremy Bastard (of NYC’s Autodrone), Vicious Blossom, A Journey of Giraffes, Your Gaze, Yellow6, The Beremy Jets, The Microdance, Ummagma, Backwards Charm, and so many more artists.

Now it’s time to shine a light on Lamoreaux’s own music as The Corrupting Sea, a deeply personal entity that is a mirror of his feelings/outlook at the time of recording his compositions.

Ambient in nature, with a cyclic flow that moves from darkness to light and back again, Lamoreaux’s work is very specific to the tumultuous times that he – and we – are immersed in.

His experiences are personal, but also universal. Who hasn’t been anxious and/or depressed and besieged by the trials of life? Sometimes it feels like that black cloud will never lift, or that yawning abyss will never disappear…

But it’s through the power of music, a therapeutic art form both in its creation and in listening to it, that we can communicate and connect and know that we are not alone in how we feel.

As The Corrupting Sea, Lamoreaux recently released the 2-part album Chamber Music for the Dead. “Chamber 1” and “Chamber 2” each runs about 20 minutes and emanates a mystery of the unknown.

“Chamber 1” solemnly marches ahead with elongated synth notes, ominous percussive elements, and a hard-struck beat.

 At times a twilight calm perseveres, but there is still a cord of tension that runs through the number.

 This first part is a sounding of the depths, while “Chamber 2” slowly moves further into the endless night, with subtle low-register sounds of the underground creeping by.

 Scouring noise comes and goes, as does flickering of extended synth waves, and the occasional percussive crackle.

 There is still life, however, bubbling under the surface of “Chamber 2,” as near its end there’s suddenly a smattering of crisp percussion forming an active beat…

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