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Reza Aslan’s “Believer” Cancelled

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CNN has no problem giving excessive and exhaustive coverage to a man who makes fun of the disabled, is openly racist, sexist and unsupportive of the LGBTQ community.

But if you call that man a nasty name on Twitter and you happen to have a show on CNN, expect your walking papers.

That’s a lesson Reza Aslan learned today when his CNN show “Believer With Reza Aslan” was cancelled by the network.

Aslan tweeted about Trump following the President’s harsh words for London’s mayor in the wake of the recent terrorist attacks in his city.

Aslan called him a “piece of shit” and “not just an embarrassment to America and a stain on the presidency…but an embarrassment to humankind.”

Although he deleted the tweet and in a statement said, “I should have used better language to express my shock and frustration at the president’s lack of decorum and sympathy for the victims of London. I apologize for my choice of words,” CNN  was unwavering in their commitment to part ways with Aslan.

“We wish Reza and his production team all the best,” read a terse statement from CNN regarding the move.

The show, which is hosted by the best-selling author, is a probing travel series that finds Aslan embedding himself in various world religions, some decidedly obscure and off the radar of what might be considered modern religious practices.

The 45-year-old Tehran-born Aslan received his education at Harvard and got his PhD. at Santa Barbara.

He’s currently a Professor in the MFA Creative Writing program at U.C. Riverside.

Aslan’s statement on the matter is below.