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The Paranoid Style Team With Wussy For A Split 7′”

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The Paranoid Style revealed this morning that they will be releasing a split 7′” single with their pals Wussy.

The single will be released through Bar-None and will find Wussy on the A-side with “New American Standard” and The Paranoid Style’s “Absolute Cadavers” on the B-side.

On social media Paranoid Style singer Elizabeth Nelson Bracy wrote: “Following weeks of scurrilous leaks and unsubstantiated rumors, we can now confirm that the Paranoid Style has joined forces with Wussy for a split 7” to be released on Bar/None Records this Summer. The “Friends In Need” single (as I’ve taken to calling it) will feature Wussy’s “New American Standard” on the A-side, backed with our own “Absolute Cadavers” on the flip. While we obviously intend to take legal action against those rogue actors who have prematurely threatened to reveal this highly sensitive information, we are nevertheless thrilled for the opportunity to work alongside our favorite band of peers. Pre-order information to be provided as soon as it becomes declassified!”

Nelson Bracy was recently on SEM’s weekly show Stereo Embers: The Podcast.

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