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Open Call For Musicians To Record The New Doves Track

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Doves have released the closing track from their upcoming new album The Universal Want.

But if you want to play it, you’re going to have to play it.


In perhaps one of the most inventive ways to release music, the beloved Manchester outfit have purposely leaked the sheet music and lyrics for the song “Forest House.” The challenge is for fans of the band to pick up their instruments–regardless of their skill level–and take a crack.

And that’s not all–the band wants to hear the work.

They’re encouraging their fans to record their interpretation and post it under the hashtag #dovesleak.

And that’s not all.

In a press release, Doves wrote: “It’s been eleven years since our last album, and we all know how hard the last few months have been, so let’s have a little fun where we can. Anyone can have a go, even if all they have is an old, beat-up guitar, so let’s see what people can cook up.”

Doves will award their favorite version of the song with a signed copy of The Universal Want box set and singer Jimi Goodwin will add original vocals to the recording.