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letlive Break Up–L.A. Band Call Time On Their Career

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Stereo Embers has learned that letlive, the post-hardcore outfit from Los Angeles is calling it a day.

The band’s fourth album, the 2016 effort If I’m The Devil… has turned out to be their last.

letlive got their start back in 2002 and since then they’ve been one of the most consistently inspiring live acts around.

One thing that’s never been consistent about the band, however, is their lineup. Membership in letlive had taken on a revolving door kind of appearance, with the band counting fifteen different members in as many years.

letlive’s only constant member has been singer/guitarist Jason Aalon Butler, son of Aalon Butler, who played guitar for Eric Burdon in the early ’70s and later fronted the band Aalon.

Signed to Epitaph and veterans of the Warped Tour, letlive were a compelling outfit who never skimped on intensity or heart.

The band’s official statement is below:

In the summer of 2002 this thing we call “letlive.” began in a garage in a small suburb of Los Angeles with one goal in mind. Above all else, letlive. was meant to be an idea not an outfit. This idea took its roots in honesty, humility, and finding an ironic strength in vulnerability. This is how it all began and it must end in the same fashion.

We have been granted opportunities and experiences beyond anything we could have ever imagined and we are well aware that none of the aforementioned would be possible without you. Your support, investments, and genuine belief have been nothing short of inspiring which is what allowed us to create these works while enduring the unsettling ebb and flow of career musicianship. With this in mind we would like to take this time to exhibit said transparency and explain that over time a divergence in views and aims has developed within the camp- and, for the moment, the impact that has on letlive. as a group is that there will be no further activity for the foreseeable future. We want to thank every single person that we were privileged enough to make a connection with through this vessel. We will no longer write the soundtrack, but the most important element, the idea, will continue as long as you allow it to. You are and always will be letlive.

All ll.ove,
Jason Aalon Butler, Loniel Robinson, Ryan Johnson, & Jeffrey Sahyoun