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Johnny Marr Debuts New Song “Easy Money” And Reveals The Cover Of His New Album Playland

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In what can only be deemed a late-summer surprise, Johnny Marr has released his new single “Easy Money.”

Taken from his upcoming album Playland, which will be out October 6th, “Easy Money” is an irresistible blast of pop that’s backed by a big juicy groove and a catchy chorus.

Of the track, the former guitarist for the Smiths told Rolling Stone: “…I wanted it to be about something that appeared to be trite but was actually quite universal. Money is a preoccupation of everybody, and it took me quite a long time to write something that appeared to be simple. If you were to ask anybody in the City what they’re after, essentially the root of it is money. It’s the age-old thing of people thinking that it will make us happy.”

We’re happy Marr decided to follow up The Messenger (2013) so quickly and if this track is any indication, the album should be a stunner.