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Hole Not Ruling Out A Reunion

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A Hole reunion is not out of the question.

Milestones have a way of making one take pause and reflect about both the past and the future and in the case of Courtney Love and her band Hole, that very well seems to be the case.

As Hole’s Live Through This album turns 25, the band, who have been on hiatus for 17 years, are talking about getting back together.

It’s hard to think of an album that was fraught by more tragedy–the release of Live Through This was bookended by the deaths of Kurt Cobain and Hole bassist Kristen Pfaff. The former died four days before the album hit shelves, and the latter died two months after.

That said, while many bands reunite and rediscover the joy of playing together, if Hole reforms, they will also have to deal with the trauma attached to the legacy of Live Through This.

But if anyone can do it, Hole can.

“We are definitely talking about it,” Love told The Guardian. “There’s nothing wrong with honoring your past; I’ve just kind of discovered that. If you don’t, people will rewrite history and you will become an inconvenient woman.”