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Bruce Bauman Interviewed By Alex Green In Entropy Magazine

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SEM’s Alex Green interviews Broken Sleep author Bruce Bauman in a long-form interview for Entropy Magazine.

“The fact is,” Alex tells us, “not only is Broken Sleep a masterwork of a novel, it’s quite easily one of the greatest rock and roll novels of all time.”

In the introduction to the interview Alex writes: “Falling somewhere between The Savage Detectives and The Fall’s This Nation’s Saving GraceBroken Sleep is the kind of novel that begs to be reread multiple times. It’s teeming with cultural references, loaded with layers of history and covered in coats of staggeringly beautiful poeticism that will, quite simply, knock you out. It’s a dazzling masterwork—a commanding epic about memory, desire and all the music in between.”

Kirkus declared the novel is “Big-thinking…a postmodern epic,” while The Rumpus called it “…a Pynchon-esque shaggy dog of a novel spanning nearly eight decades of American history…often funny, occasionally heartbreaking, and always revelatory…”

In the interview Bauman and Alex talk about history, celebrity and rock and roll.

You can order Broken Sleep here:

You can read the entire interview here:

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