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The Twenty Best Post-Punk Albums You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

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Two weeks ago SEM brought you “The Twenty Best Post-Punk Singles You Probably Never Heard” and now it’s time for albums to get their chance. Most of these bands/artists had singles as well, of course – 45s were a staple back then, like badges and beer and the import section at Tower Records – but their work was best appreciated in the long-playing format. A thousand classics were issued to far too little acclaim and attention, and this is our modest attempt to bring twenty of them into a spotlight as big as the internet. Listen up, and bear in mind, we just might have left the best for last:

Local Heroes SW9 – “Drip Dry Zone” (1980)


Certain General – “November’s Heat” (1984)


Associates – “Affectionate Punch” (1980)


The Walker Brothers – “Nite Flights” (1978)


Crispy Ambulance – “The Plateau Phase” (1982)


Human Switchboard – “Who’s Landing In My Hangar?” (1981)


The Stick Men – “This Is The Master Brew” (1982)


The Tapes – “Party” (1980)


Laughing Clowns – “Everything That Flies” (1982)


Polyrock – “Polyrock” (1980)


Minny Pops – “Drastic Measures, Drastic Movement” (1979)


Dif Juz – “Who Says So?” (1983)


Native Tongue – “Yowl” (1983)


The Individuals – “Field” (1982)


John Cooper Clarke – “Snap, Crackle & Bop” (1980)


Social Climbers – “Social Climbers” (1981)


Tin Huey – “Contents Dislodged During Shipment” (1979)


Love Tractor – “Love Tractor” (1982)


The Yachts – “S.O.S.” (1979)


Deaf School – “English Boys/Working Girls” (1978)