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Swiss Experimental Pop Duo Tim & Puma Mimi Reveals Fun Video For “Oh My Bike”

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Tim & Puma Mimi is a Zurich, Switzerland-based duo that makes some of the most fun and off-the-wall music around – period. Its members, Tim and Puma Mimi, describe their creative process that result in their vivid pop songs to be like dancing about a book, and that trying to express what they do in writing is sort of like paragliding the color scheme of Basquiat’s Bird on Money.

What makes Tim and Puma Mimi sonically unique is that their music has a beautiful, playful, child-like quality about it. A wide-eyed innocence that allows them to appropriate, remix, and blend the craziest genre combinations and actually get away with it. It’s cheeky and stimulating – a breath of fresh air in a saturated and mostly cookie-cutter indie pop field.

The duo recently achieved cult status with the inclusion of parts of two of their songs in the Scarlett Johansson–starrer Ghost In The Shell live action remake.

The engagingly animated video to “Oh My Bike” is for the second single from Tim & Puma Mimi’s latest LP Der Die Das (out now via Mouthwatering Records). The video clip is all about their love of bikes and Tim explains how they roll: “We like it simple. We both have bikes that we bought at the flea market. Mine is a red one and it’s called “Flipper” and Mimi has a green one and it’s called “Super Deluxe.” Roll on!



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