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Surging With Anthems: Hollerado’s Born Yesterday

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Over the course of their ten-year career, Hollerado have never been a band short on power. Their first two records were crunchy blasts of sheer punk bliss filled with unforgettable hooks and melodic muscle. A formidable live act, Hollerado threw all the right punches and cultivated a rather fervent fan base in the process.

Born Yesterday, the band’s third long-player is redolent with the aforementioned power and muscle, but the songs here evince a rather massive artistic leap forward for this Canadian outfit.  That said, Born Yesterday is positively surging with anthems–it’s a searing collection of eleven songs played with conviction, velocity and truth.

The title track brings to mind a perfect confluence of The Hard-Ons and The Beach Boys; “Brick Wall” suggests it wouldn’t have been out of place on Thrush Hermit’s Sweet Homewrecker, while the Stonesy “I Got You” is rich with swagger and howl.

Singer Menno Versteeg has never sounded better and the band has never sounded more inventive, traversing new sonic territory with confidence and aplomb. Elsewhere, the grinding majesty of “Sorry You’re Alright” is impossible to resist; the organ-fueled “Don’t Shake” offers one of the album’s biggest choruses and “If It Is Love” is one of the most satisfying closers of the year.