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Stereo Embers’ TRACK(S) OF THE DAY: Club 8’s “Skin”/”Late Nights”

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Long-running and internationally fêted Swedish electronic dance duo Club 8 is making waves once again with its 9th album, Pleasure, which comes out Friday (Nov 20) on Labrador Records. This year marks the 20th anniversary of songwriter and producer Johan Angergård and singer Karolina Komstedt working sublimely together as Club 8 and Pleasure fits hand in glove with the duo’s seductive, dancefloor-ready, electro-pop noir aesthetic. Johan is not only a member of the exclusive Club 8, but is also known for his other musical projects which include Acid House Kings, The Legends, and Pallers. Pleasure is his 21st album and the third he’s released in 2015.

Three singles that epitomize the Club 8 sound have bowed from the album so far, the bittersweetly regretful ballad “Love Dies”, the sexily enticing “Skin”, and the Motorik-infused “Late Nights”. “Skin”, with the imminent release of an accompanying video, buzzes darkly with sharp synth reverb and fluctuating electronic notes. Regular thumping drum hits keeps it upbeat, while Karolina floats in like a noir angel, sighing languidly “And now we’re kissing time away / ‘cause I want a taste of nothing.” The nocturnal daydream of “Skin” enthralls with its shimmering, lustrous sonics and Karolina’s sweetly hushed murmurs. “Late Nights” elevates the pace with its gritty, driving-down-the-motorway synths and percolating electro-note chime. Karolina drapes her velvety vocals over the track, airily, but cuttingly, intoning “…you just bore me more and more / I’m falling out of love with you.” Harsh sentiments wrapped up in a gleamingly smooth, sleekly tuneful package. The songs on Pleasure live up exceedingly to its title, even if the lyrics are bittersweet and question the changing nature of love and desire.

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