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Stereo Embers’ Track of the Day: A$AP Rocky’s “Multiply”

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The jury’s still out on whether or not A$AP Rocky is truly worthy of his quickly attained spot in hip-hop’s upper echelon.

But if he can keep on delivering material as good as the newly released single/video “Multiply,” the verdict may well be in his favor.

Simply put, Rocky is rapping his ass off here. Sure, none of his lyrics go beyond fashion and superstar posturing, but there’s an effortless confidence to “Multiply” that goes above and beyond anything the young Harlem spitter has done before. He changes flows with staggering frequency, pauses the ominous trap instrumental for some more brags, and stands up to an absolutely bonkers beat change completely unphased.

The video, though not conceptually innovative itself, is impeccably shot. So sit back and behold — this is jam-of-the-year material.