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Quietly Staggering Soundscapes: Kilbey and Kennedy’s Inside We Are The Same

Inside We Are The Same

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Inside We Are The Same, which is the fourth effort between Steve Kilbey of The Church and Martin Kennedy of All India Radio firmly establishes that these two musicians are perfect musical foils.

Filled with wisdom and grace, Kilbey’s voice floats and swoons through the pockets of space that rise and part in Kennedy’s global soundscapes. Kilbey sings not above or behind the groove, but from within it and the results are quietly staggering. The six-minute “This Mercyful Burn” is achingly lovely; “This Is The Universe” brings to mind Hunky Dory-era Bowie and “Amenia” sounds like it would have fit perfectly on The Church’s Priest=Aura album.

Kennedy is one of those rare composers who understands texture and just how to embroider depth and drama into a song. His ethereal compositions are beautifully shaded by Kilbey’s delicate delivery and the combination is nothing short of breathtaking. Numbers like the prog ballad “Elude” and the lilting “Swansea” are utterly unforgettable while the exotic, but perfectly understated album closer “Ho Chi Min” ends the proceedings with a hushed brilliance.