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Old School Punk With Bite: Classics Of Love’s Winning Debut

Classics Of Love
Classics Of Love
Asian Man

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Delivering on the promise of 2009’s Walking In Shadows EP, Classics Of Love’s debut is a searing, muscular effort that’s destined to be a punk rock classic. Led by the wildly charismatic Jesse Michaels (Operation Ivy/Common Rider)–whose musical pedigree practically makes him punk rock royalty–Classics Of Love are a band that wastes no time.

Michaels has all the raspy bite in his delivery that he did at eighteen and through each number he pounces on each syllable and punches through every phrase like his life depends on it. “What A Shame” is a blistering, fast-talking wonder; “Castle In The Sky” is a catchy blast of a number that features a great call-and-response hook and “Bandstand” boasts an irresistibly sinewy ska groove.

Meanwhile, “Dissolve” and “Stronghold” are straight up old school punk at its best and the album closer “We Need A Change” is buoyed by a breathless urgency.

This record gets done in just over twenty minutes what most bands can’t get done in a twenty-year career.