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Love Has A Long Life: Jennifer Paskow’s “Make A Circle”

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Jennifer Paskow’s sophomore effort finds the L.A.-based singer/songwriter checking in with one of the most joyful and life-affirming records of the year.

A stirring ten-track collection, Make A Circle is upbeat and ebullient, opting for the nothing-but-blue-skies approach to seeing the world. That said, Paskow’s optimism is not only a refreshing antidote to the darkness of the modern age, it also suggests that beauty has bounce, love has a long life and happiness is vastly underrated.

With a delivery that falls somewhere between Paul Simon and Lisa Loeb, Paskow’s phrasing has as much precision as it does soul. The soaring title track is a percussive, summery blast of pure encouragement, while the “The Love You Song” is an honest declaration of open-hearted bliss. Meanwhile, the breezy pop of “On The Inside” and “I Am” are equally infectious, while “Listen To Your Heart” is a gentle shuffle that serves as a reminder that the head can get in the way of a heart that’s never wrong.

Elsewhere, the cheerful “Celebrate This Day” is all acoustic street-beat and elation, and Paskow’s cover of “This Little Light Of Mine” is played with gentle exhilaration.

Paskow’s optimism is cheerful and bright while never feeling forced. She offers a sanguine view of life that’s not only tuneful and moving, it reminds us the sunny side of the street is the warmest and easiest to navigate.