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Libidinous Grooves And Lyrical Smarts: Divvy’s Sophomore Release

Sophomore Release

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Divvy’s second effort–appropriately titled Sophomore Release–is a big, lusty effort that’s filled with lyrical smarts, catchy choruses and more libidinous grooves than you’ll hear all year.

From the rueful snarl of “Libra Lover” to the innuendo-laden “Cinnamon Gun,” Divvy proves he’s the kind of frontman with a theatrical presence, imbuing each number here with dramatic, irresistible flair.

Later, the searing hard rock of “Cherry Song” has nothing to do with cherries (or does it?), “Hometown” is a catchy, crunchy winner and “Hey Yo” is a dark and moody track, embroidered with inventive, bluesy riffs.

Divvy’s a clever lyricist, and on songs like “Bad Citizen”–which could have been on either Van Halen I or II--he delivers lines like,”On your way to solid gold/You got your money/But lost your soul,” like a seasoned pro.

The album’s finest moment is its closer, “If You See Elaine.”

Sounding like Vince Neil covering Dylan’s “If You See Her Say Hello,” it’s a bittersweet number about regret, lost love and a shrugging of the shoulders at the inevitable future.

Rock solid.