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Grace And Musical Smarts: Philip Stevenson’s Outside The Sun

Philip Stevenson
Outside The Sun
Night World

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For the past few decades Philip Stevenson has operated as one of those under-the-radar songwriting geniuses who consistently produces work of intelligence, grace and musical smarts.

But there comes a point when one begins to wonder when the radar will wise up.

Now would be a good time, because Stevenson has never sounded better. His new EP– the follow up to the wonderfully dense and dreamy Starless—is a six-song set that showcases the singer’s precision as a vocalist and immense capability as a songwriter.

The ghostly waltz “I’m Going To Lock My House Tonight” is nothing less than perfect; the spare howl of “Empty Place Blues” is decidedly memorable and the title track is a smooth number that moves along in a stirring, but wistful glide. Elsewhere, “Frank Stokes’ Dream” is as sprightly as it is laconic, while the woebegone “Gone Over” is a wrenching stunner.

Lovely work from one of the best singer/songwriters around.