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Ethical And Political Punk In A High Temperature: American Anymen’s Flag Burner

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Earlier this month (September 15), the music collective from New York, American Anymen let out their 12th album Flag Burner.

The anti-folk band has always had a lyrical angle towards ethical and political importance (globalization, social injustice, police brutality), and this new release is their response to what has become known as Trump’s America. How different could it be when American Anymen are actually an eclectic punk band instead of straight up punk rock? It’s eclectic…less distorted guitars, not a screaming-torn apart vocalist with the band keeping the punk riffing and the arrangements in high temperature.

I’m amazed in how they work their ideas because it takes strong self-confidence develop a trademark style based on acoustic guitars mostly in a certain punk oriented style–it’s totally unique and inspired. As for their lyrics…well, listen close to what they sing about. Issues that do not concern only the USA but the whole western world and all societies trapped in the neo-liberal fungus and institutional injustice.

But look in to how contra-mocking artists like our lads here can be–check the video of “Flag Burner” and listen carefully to their words, because it really concerns you, and me, and every person on this planet.

Later, “President B” is another anti-folk punk anthem where the band worked with the French songstress Lise and got a contribution by Chris Urban from the New Jersey punks Crazy and the Brains. I laughed a lot here man–every government in the world has that hilarious puppet; the “I-know-a-lot” President B.

The last track of the EP, “Late To The Party” is a wonderful joke for President Trump and his friends who are trying to clumsily switch the world to their direction. For as long as the rulers of the world behave like the-toy-is-mine-and-only-mine, we’ll always have artists like American Anymen today and some years ago for the same reasons we had the Dead Kennedys and The Clash and New Model Army.

It’s up to you to decide which side are you on, dear humans.

I’m with all the artists who actually audit their governments and shout out loud about the means of injustice and narrow-minded politics.

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