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Crystal Fighters’ Andrea Marongiu Has Died–Questions Remain Over Nature Of Last Tweet

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Stereo Embers has learned that Andrea Marongiu of Crystal Fighters has died.

His untimely death marks the passing of one of the most innovative, muscular and gifted drummers in modern music.

The Sardinia-born Marongiu was a self-taught musician who joined the London band in 2010. His creative drum fills were deeply rooted in African and Spanish rhythms and his almost preternatural sense of swing and groove translated perfectly to electronic dance music.

Marongiu’s cause of death is unknown at this time

The recently-married Marongiu last Tweeted the following message on September 11: “At home recovering…watched #Locationlocationlocation, #GordonRamsay and #Jamie Oliver…Defo getting older…”

It remains unclear as to what Marongiu was recovering from.


In the meantime, Crystal Fighters posted the following statement on their Facebook page: “Dear Friends and Family of Crystal Fighters, It is with deep regret and great sadness that we announce the tragic passing of our drummer and friend, Andrea Marongiu. Andrea was not only one of the most brilliant, skilful and charismatic drummers to have ever graced the stage, but also an incredibly kind, fun and loving friend to us all. Our condolences go out to anyone who was lucky enough to have known him, and most particularly to his family. We are all completely heartbroken by this news and we can’t hold back the tears as we write this message to you. Andrea, thank you for all the incredible joy and life you brought to this band and to our lives for the last four years. We love you and we miss you more than words can say right now. Buon viaggio amico. With love always from Sebastian, Gilbert, Graham, Ellie, Nila, Clarissa, Mimi, Laure and all CF crew. Life will never be the same without you here brother xxx…”

Although the details of Marongiu’s death are few, his family posted the following statement on “We, Andrea’s family and friends, are raising money in memory of a gifted musician, beloved husband, son, brother and friend. His unexpected and untimely death has left us without one of the best and brightest people we knew. We want to celebrate his life and his amazing warmth and energy with a foundation in his name to build something positive out of this tragedy and give people hope by seeing the start of an enduring legacy. Our aim is to provide access to music for young people – and to help them to grow and be impassioned by music in the way Andrea was. This way, through your generosity, we hope that people will have their lives enriched and improved by Andrea, in the same way he made our world a happier place.”

You can make a donation here: