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Ambient Music With A Deluxe Sound: “The History Of Fishes” by MIS+RESS

Somewhere cold Records

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Brian Wanckebach is a musician, artist and sound engineer, and a former member of Brooklyn shoegazers Elika (Propeller in Greek) and the experimental electronic outfit Thee Koukouvaya (Owl in Greek).

Somewherecold Records has announced the release of the 10-track debut self-titled album by MIS+RESS (October 13), which is the new moniker of Mr. Wanckebach. It’s ambient music with a deluxe sound, and the strangest and most amazing thing is that this album was recorded only with an electric guitar and four effects pedals.

You won’t listen to any shoegaze distorted themes or overdriven chords and leads but instead you’ll find an experimental melodic soundscapes with emotional and dreamy content. The music switches from sci-fi ambient fantasy to earth grounded tranquility with an extra advantage–it’s all arranged musically rather than relying solely on atmosphere and texture. Wanckebach obviously holds the secrets in writing music and along with his skilled crafts in effects pedals he’s actually composed and performed a unique ambient album where he literally painted his sonic canvas full of gorgeous soundscapes.

The opener and first single “The History Of Fishes,” is a precise example of the ambient macrocosmos of the composer.

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